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Brightside is a real and relevant Church.  A place of grace – a place where you will find love, forgiveness, and hope.  A place where you can learn how to connect with God and grow deep in your faith in Christ.  A place where it’s ok to not be ok because all of us need God’s grace.  We are conveniently located just off of M37 in Caledonia: 8175 Broadmoor Ave. SE, 49316.  616.891.0287

Current Series

imagebig GOD…answers to our questions about him.  In this series we will learn what God is like and consider how His characteristics impact our daily lives.  Join us this Sunday at 10am as we study our big GOD.

This series will help us with answers to the questions that we often find ourselves asking about God:
Where did He come from?
Where is He?
Will He always be there?
Does He ever change?
Can I trust Him?
Is He able?
Does He care?
Does He know?
Is He fair?
Is He listening?

Do you have other questions? Let us know and we will try to answer them in one of the talks.


All Walks One Faith


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