Current Series: FORGOTTEN GOD

Current Series: Forgotten God: Rediscovering the Holy Spirit


Connected with God through faith in Jesus… That would be descriptive of most who listen to our messages here at Brightside Church. But how many of us really feel connected? We know some verses that we find assurance in, but we often feel alone. Maybe it seems as if God is distracted or has left us to live the life that He has called us into on our own. Is there a better way than just plodding along? Can we really experience life with God? A real and tangible connection with the Almighty God of creation is possible. In this series, Forgotten God, we will seek to rediscover the Holy Spirit. As followers of Jesus, we often seek to connect with God the Father, and Jesus the Son, but often lack a real and meaningful connection. I am inviting you to join me on a quest to rediscover the Holy Spirit and to live life with Him.
Join us Sundays: In Person at 10am or Online at 10:20am.
You can listen here.

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