big GOD

In this series we will learn about who God is and what that means for us.  These messages will answer many of the questions that we often find ourselves asking about God.  We will see that He is a BIG GOD, but any adjective or attempt to describe Him really pales in comparison to His Greatness.

 6/5/16 God is Eternal and Ever Present- Pastor Greg

6/12/16 God is Above all and In All – Pastor Greg – watch it here

 6/19/16 God is Good and Just – watch it here

 6/26/16 God Knows Everything And Can Do Anything – watch it here

7/3/16 God is Independent But Wants Us to Depend Upon Him – watch it here

7/10/16 God is Love

 7/17/16 God is Big

7/31/16 God Is – watch it here

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