It’s a new year, but we will face many of the same issues, problems, struggles, and frustrations. But what if this year could be different? Would you like to experience real and lasting change? The kind of change that would lead to a life that is truly different? Perhaps this change doesn’t have as much to do with our circumstances and situations as it has to do with our relationship with God. What if we changed our focus from us to God? What if we looked for “different” through Him and all that He has provided for us to live life to the fullest.  Different is within our reach. In our new series, “Different” we will discover the path that will lead us there.

1.7.18 – Pastor Greg Cooper – Defined by Grace 

1.14.18 – Pastor Greg Cooper – Developed by God’s Word 

1.21.18 – Pastor Greg Cooper – Directed by the Spirit 

1.28.18 – Pastor Greg Cooper – Depending on God Through Prayer 

2.4.18 – Pastor Greg Cooper – Driven by God’s Love 

2.11.18 – Keith VerHage – Peace Lives 

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