Model Church

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What does the model church look like?  What would God want us to show those who are unchurched?  Does what people in our community say about us match what God wants us to be?  Are we living lives of impact as His Church?  Does it really matter how we live?  Join us as we study 1 Thessalonians and look for the answers to these questions… discover how to make your life count.

Legacy – Pastor Greg – 8.7.16  watch here

The Model Life – Pastor Greg – 8.14.16  watch here

Faith is the Victory – Keith VerHage – 8.21.16 

Model Faith – Pastor Greg – 8.28.16

How Does God Want Me to Live – Pastor Greg – 9.4.16

Keys for Life – Pastor Greg – 9.11.16 

Faith is Life – Pastor Greg – 9.18.16   Watch here


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