Senior High – The Intersect

“The Intersect”

We meet Sunday nights from 5:30-7pm for a time of games, lesson, and small groups.

Our time is divided into 3 different segments:

  1. Game Time 
    1. Fun
    2. Build community in relaxed atmosphere
    3. 15-30 minutes of activity
  2. Lesson Overview
    1. Quick 15-20 minute
    2. Everyone is together
    3. Intro into what our small groups will be discussing
  3. Small Groups
    1. Divide up into groups
    2. Split into guy/girl groups
    3. Led by caring adults
    4. Build accountability and community with each other
    5. Where real growth takes place


Upcoming Youth Events:

February 3: Will Not Meet

March 17: Base Camp 360 Youth; meet at our church at 5:30pm for an evening of worship, testimony and challenge at  Immanuel Reformed Church. Will return @ 8:30.






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