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The Walk. This series will focus on how we are called to live each day as citizens of heaven.  Does our identity in Christ, as those who have been accepted into God’s family, as those who have been forgiven, determine how we live? In this series we will learn about the life that God is calling us to and also learn how to live it out as His Church.  Join us to learn how to walk in such a way as to follow Jesus.  The Walk

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Brightside is a real and relevant Church based on biblical truth; a place of grace – a place where you will find love, forgiveness, and hope; a place where you can learn how to connect with God and grow deep in your faith in Christ; a place where it’s ok to not be ok, because we all need God’s grace.  We are conveniently located just off of M37 in Caledonia: 8175 Broadmoor Ave. SE, 49316.  616.891.0287. Join us Sundays at 10am.